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2018~2019 Latest valid Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products with coupons and promo codes

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Most of us shop online because it is convenient and can save us money.
That is one reason why Amazon has become so popular and is arguably the most successful e-commerce site in Internet history. Now, it is even possible to shop for free when you shop through Amazon review sites.
If the prospect of free products sounds appealing to you, then you need to check out these sites to start saving money today!
How Amazon Review Sites Work
Before we find out which sites can allow you to get free products, there are a few important details to cover. These Amazon review sites partner with sellers to offer products for free or at a steep discount in exchange for a review.
Customer reviews are very important to boost a product ranking. Offering a product at a discount is a great incentive to acquire customer feedback and boost sales simultaneously. Due to recent changes to Amazon’s customer review policy, most of these sites might require that you place a disclaimer stating you purchased the product at a discount price.
You complete the entire sale through Amazon and enter a discount or promo code on the checkout screen to get the product for a rock-bottom price. You will still be responsible for any shipping costs.
For products shipped or fulfilled by Amazon, you can waive the shipping costs when you sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Student with complimentary two-day shipping.
These discount codes will often be for at least 50% off. As Amazon still wants to maintain a high level of credibility for the customer reviews, sites don’t offer as many free products as they did in the past.
Also, each Amazon review site can limit how many discounts you can redeem each month. Limiting discounts ensures other customers can also find great deals and helps verify you are taking the time required to test a product accurately.
Unlike Amazon’s in-house Vine review program that is invitation only, anybody can apply to become a shopper on these Amazon review sites. If you like trying out products and leaving honest feedback, you are an excellent candidate for reviewing products sold on Amazon.
The Best Amazon Review Sites
These are the best Amazon review sites from which to choose. As you will notice, there are many different sites to choose from, and each one will have a varied product selection to complement your shopping needs.
Each site might only offer a limited number of discounts per item. If all the discounts are claimed on one site, check to see if the item is on more sites. You may still be able to get the free product on another review site.
1. BestOneReview
BestOneReview is one of the oldest Amazon review sites, but it only opens to the U.S. marketplace for the moment. Like other Amazon review site, it offers a variety of products with 50% off to 100% off discounts. At BestOneReview, you would have everything to try out from the latest fidget spinner to kitchen gadgets, to beauty accessories. It is also another good Amazon deal site if you like testing products that typically have a retail value of $5 or less.

It is free to join as a shopper. And all the discount codes from those Amazon sellers are revealed instantly after you click the "Request the Deal" button. No need to wait for seller's approval on your request. 

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you will get these products at deep discounts and free shipping. Once you receive your trial products, you have the right to complete a review or refuse to review the products. 

As BestOneReview has grown in popularity so quickly (they have over 100,000 reviewers/shoppers), more and more Amazon sellers love this review site and they submit deals and upload discounts codes on a daily basis. Nowadays, BestOneReview has not only become a Amazon review site, but also a popular Amazon deal site for most Amazon merchant brands. Shoppers could always find many deals, discount codes , coupons, giveaways, sweepstakes on this amazing site. 

You also have the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards by shopping with BestOneReview too.

2. Vipon
Vipon offers a variety of products for 50% to 100% off and is also one of the oldest review sites. They were previously known as AMZ Review Trader but were sold to AmzTracker years ago. It is free to join as a shopper and offers a great option if you want to test up to 20 products at once.

Nowadays, Vipon has been more like an Amazon deal site, similar to slickdeals, hip2save, dealnews. Difference is the discounts on Vipon are deeper than other sites.

3. Jump Send
Jump Send is one subsidiary site of Jungle Scout. Many sellers have partial for this Amazon deal site, because they do not have to offer as deep as 50% discounts to shoppers. However, that also means deals on jumpsend are not attractive to shoppers.  

If you are looking for the best deals on the Internet, the offer of which are free or come close to free, I think BestOneReview is your best choice.

Jumpsend used to be an Amazon Review site, but nowadays it complies with Amazon review policy and becomes a popular Amazon deal site. Shoppers would not be forced to post reviews on Amazon, and could focus their minds on seeking more good deals, discounts, coupons, promo codes...etc.   

4. Deal Go!Go!Go!
Deal Go!Go!Go! is established and run by Chinese. It used to be an Amazon review site but nowadays it has become an Amazon deal site. Many Chinese merchants post deals , coupons, promo codes there on a daily basis. 

Many shoppers like this site because you can easily find good and cheap commodities from Chinese merchants on Amazon marketplace. 

Most products are 30% to 70% off, and there are a few free products as well after the discount is applied. For example, you can try out a pyoga socks with silicone skid for only USD5.00 (80% off the regular price USD25.00)

Most of the product categories are for fashion, electronics, health, home, and mom & baby. The product category is expanding, but DealGoGoGo is still a relatively young and growing Amazon deal & review site.

5. Elite Deal Club
Elite Deal Club is a very unique Amazon deal site now. It used to be an Amazon review site, but now it focuses on helping Amazon sellers launch their new products and boost the keyword ranking. It does not require shoppers to post a review for products purchased at a deep discount. And their homepage states they are not a review site or endorsed by Amazon.

If you like no strings attached, this site would be your best way to get new launched products sold on Amazon! Most deals are 80% to 90% off or no more than USD5.00

After join Elite Deal club, you will receive the daily deals newsletters with 100~200 offers. There are no limits to how many deals you can claim each day, but the deals quantity is very limited and deals would end very soon. So, many shoppers have the feeling of now or never. Yes, most deals on Elite Deal club are only posted once in your lifetime. 

6. Snagshout
Snagshout is one of the most popular review sites for Amazon sellers. They will send you a regular newsletter to make it easier to find popular deals. An easy way to find the best deals on Snagshout is to subscribe their newsletters. 

Sometimes, you would find some amazing deals with more then 70% off discounts from Snagshout site. And now due to Amazon new review policy, Snagshout only hopes you could share product reviews on your social medias.

7. Giveaway Service
If you are a product review blogger and want to source some creative or new-released products to monetize your website, you could take a look at Giveaway Service. What annoying is shoppers have to be approved by each seller before they can receive the Amazon discount codes. It may takes few hours or a few weeks to be approved.

Similar to Elite deal club, you could always find products on GiveawayService for free or for 90% off discounted. 

8. Product Elf
Different from what it was years ago, Product Elf (  is now goingdownhill. You would have a very narrow choice to find a favorite product or something in need. Fewer and fewer sellers post products on this site nowadays. 

But ProductElf is a very easy site for shopping. When you want to try out an Amazon product on Product Elf, just click the “Get Coupon” button. All the Amazon deals are set up for instant approval. No manual approval from the Amazon sellers. 

And in 2018, ProductElf launches a new site, which is a new review site for all Amazon sellers. ProductElf site now is taken by the owner as an Amazon Deal site, not an Amazon review site anymore.

9. Loot Hoot
Loot Hoot has offers for every Amazon marketplace, not just the U.S. and Canada. One cool reason to try out Loot Hoot is their weekly contest for a $25 Amazon gift card. You gain entries every time you apply for an offer, share a Loot Hoot offer on social media, and for each day you log in to Loot Hoot.

Everything for sale on Loot Hoot is 40% to 100% off! To get started, you need a Facebook account. And joining Loot Hoot is free.

10. VIP Amazon Review Club
VIP Amazon Review Club by Premier Deals Club used to offer many products that usually sell for $20 to $50 for only $3 to $5. Shoppers have to post Amazon reviews in exchange of getting these good deals. 

However, it is a pity that this site is closed forever.

11. Dollar Deal Reviews
Before April 2017, All products are at least 75% off at Dollar Deal Reviews. Some products are also free. On top of that, Dollar Deal Reviews never requires a review for any product purchased!

Website is closed due to some unknown reason.

12. Deals for Review
Deals for Review used to allow shoppers to get deals for at least 50% off. However, it is closed now.

AMZRC has a wider inventory than most sites because their seller fees are lower. The savings are passed onto you, the shopper, with more coupon codes. So, more people can try out a single product, and there are more discounted and free products from which to choose!
It is easy to filter the deals for free (or nearly free) products. There is a sliding bar that allows you to adjust the range of the discount. You can also view discounts by category or keyword.
Most of the deals will be found in the electronics, sports & outdoors, and clothing, shoes, and jewelry categories.

14. VIP Power Club
Like a few other Amazon review sites mentioned here, VIP Power Club will notify you when deals are available instead of posting deals on website and waiting shoppers to apply for the deals. Most Amazon deals delivered by VIP Power Club are more than 90% off, and you can expect to pay no more than $5 for most items.

Only being able to receive offers through emails is really annoying, shoppers have to subscribe to their newsletters and then sit back and wait for deal notifications.

15. BuView
BuView used to be another way to test products. Very pity that it is another closed Amazon review site.

16. Home Product Testing
Home Product Testing has a relatively smaller base with only 28,000+ registered product testers. They do have good offers if you are looking for products to use in your kitchen or around your house. 

This site is very user-friendly, you do not have to register to be his member and stil could get the Amazon coupon codes. And shoppers do not have to post product reviews on Amazon in exchange for these discounted and free products.

17. Secret Deals Club
 Secret Deals Club used to send emails to subscribers with the latest Amazon deal offers. And now it seems to be closed by the owner. 

18. iReviewHome
You can find many items for free or only $1 at iReviewHome. You do need to be approved by each seller before you can claim the discount code. To improve your approval chances, complete an A.R.T. profile that can quickly help sellers decide on your request.

As you post more product reviews, it is also possible you’ll receive more offers from sellers. They look for frequent shoppers who provide detailed and credible feedback.

19. Honest Few
Honest Few used to offers deals of 80 to 90% off Amazon products when you sign up for their mailing list. Since the change of Amazon Review policy changed in 2017, this site has been closed forever.

20. Honest Society
Honest Society is very similar to Honest Few but emphasizes the community aspect more. However, it is now closed.

21. Trust Review Network
Trust Review Network has some enticing offers on their homepage. You can buy valuable items like unlocked smartphones, laptops, and mini espresso machines for pennies on the dollar. 

To sign up, you will need an active cell phone to verify you are a real human being. The signup process is free. You can apply for offers on their network website, and they will also send you new targeted offers via email too. 

22. Giveaway Nation
Giveaway Nation used to be a very helpful Amazon review site,but now it has been closed due to the change of Amazon reivew policy.

Farewells to Giveaway Nation.

23. Product Review Club
Product Review Club has been closed. Very pity.

24. I Love To Review
iLoveToReview was an Amazon review site, but now it has changed its business pattern and becomes an Amazon service agent. It provides product photogrpahy and listing optimization service to Amazon sellers. Shoppers could not find any Amazon deals anymore from this site.

25. Blue Ribbons Review
Blue Ribbons Review also has an extensive marketplace with discounts of at least 50%. You can also receive exclusive deals through their email. 

In addition to Amazon deals, you can also find discount codes for other marketplaces.

26. AmzSpecial
AmzSpecial was an Amazon review and deal site, on which you could get at least 85% off deals on most Amazon product after you pay the  $0.99 monthly subscription fee. Not interested in this kind of amazon deal site? Yes, others think so too. This Amazon review and Deal site has been closed. 

27. TestZon
TestZon is a very young Amazon deal site, it was only launched in 2016. So do not expect it has a wider product range, but good is you could easily find good deals with 50% to 90% off.  If you have spare time, and could not find any good deals or preferred products on other Amazon review sites, TestZon is a good place to check.

28. Review.Directory
Review.Directory is another Amazon review site that allows you to get free sample products and share your reviews on Amazon or other social media channels. After signing up, you will be emailed all the hot promotions of Amazon products. 

However, this Amazon Review site now is mainly a platform for bloggers and influencers. It collects all the giveaways run by Amazon sellers and then distributes them to its subscribers and members. In addition to reviewing the free products, you can potentially get paid to share your reviews on your blog or other social medias.

29. Reviews 4 Success
Reviews 4 Success is another platform better for bloggers and social media influencers than the casual shopper. It has a strict requirement on reviewer's engagement with followers on social media  So, if you only want to get a great deal on Amazon and not interested in marketing these products, it is best to avoid this site. 

Reviewing Amazon Products Can be Worth it
Just as you can buy almost anything on Amazon, it is also possible to get almost anything for free or nearly free. These Amazon review sites are really good places for frugal living.

Keep in mind that you can routinely find better deals when you join a mailing list & Facebook group in addition to browsing those Amazon deals on the Review sites.

Have you tried out one of these Amazon review sites? If so, let me know your experience in the comments below.
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