Who We Are

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What Do We Do?

Just like our name suggests, we review products independently with unbiased comments. For over years, we’ve been one of the largest and most comprehensive product review sites on the web, with tens of thousands of reviews and rankings in many categories.
We’re a little different from other product review sites. With product comparison, expert analysis and industry data, our reviews only show you the best picks to save your time.We are all about making your complicated buying decisions easier.

How Do We Work?

We’ve assembled a professional team of researchers and reviewers who each bring specialized skills and expertise. Our Research Team would look into the marketplace, participate in online forums, monitor trends, follow industry news and keep an eye on new advancements in home and technology.
Based on a number of factors, including cost, availability, popularity, etc. Our Editorial Team would suggest a few dozen products for review. When the final list is complete, we would use our own capitals to buy all the products for our reviewers. We do not contact manufacturers or brands. We do not accept any donation, just keep independent as our name suggests.
With products in hand, our reviewers begin the meticulous review process, which includes gathering data on features, ease of use, durability and the level of customer support provided by the manufacturers/brands.
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